Laura Kyle

Frontend Developer

That part where I tell you a bit about me

Hey there, I'm Laura!
I spent three years working in the fitness and health industry in positions ranging from personal trainer to circus coach. When injuries decided my days of climbing ropes were over, I started exploring different industries to find my next career.

It wasn't long before I discovered programming. What started as a fun personal challenge quickly became a full-time obsession passion. Fastforward a year, many long nights, and a few hundred cups of coffee.

I'm a front end developer comfortable using a variety of technologies to create user friendly and responsive websites and web apps. I've built many projects using both Bootstrap and Foundation. I know HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I'm a self-starter and dedicated to personal growth, so I'm always adding new skills to my developer toolbox.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Sass
  • JavaScript
  • Jade
  • jQuery
  • Git
  • Foundation
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular

Want to get in touch?
Feel free to shoot me an e-mail or find me on Twitter.